Assisted Sales

Assisted Sales - A Guaranteed Approach

There are numerous estate agents that offer an assisted sale service, with little to differentiate themselves from each other......until now.

We understand that time is money and the longer an assisted sale takes the higher the likelihood of a lost unit sale.

We take away that issue by providing you with a swift service with unique guarantees.

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Step 1

Target Time frame & Price Point Agreed

Step 2

Property Marketed Including a Unique P/X Facility To Speed Up The Entire Process

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We are a friendly professional team whose sole objective is to secure swift sales whilst protecting your profit margins.

To arrange an initial call or meeting with a Development Director then please contact us via your preferred method.

Developer Feedback


As an owner and developer of several properties I was initially sceptical about the claims that One Stop Property Solutions were making about selling one of my properties.It was very soon apparent that their approach to and execution of the sale was exceptional. Their knowledge of the market and unique marketing strategy had positive results in days.All the things that can be problems with high street Agents have been ironed out and it works.Would recommend One Stop Property Solutions and will use them again for sure.